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Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 11:14

Iyogera has an active development on GitHub, brickservers/Iyogera-v2.0 is the repository.

Composer Installation

Iyogera can be installed by composer create, install commands. 

Go to your desired web folder and run the following command in shell.

composer create-project iyogera/iyogera-erp

Then run 

composer install

After a successful installation, run 

composer install

Edit your .env file and you are good to go. Open an issue if you have any.

Git Installation

​​If you have git on your server, you can pull Iyogera, install and run. 

Run the command

git pull master

Edit your .env file and start using. Open an issue if you have any.

Direct Download

Download latest Iyogera zip file here, Edit the .env file and you can start managing your school.


In a production environment make sure your database server doesn't allow remote root login. 
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