Iyogera Dashboard

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Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 12:59

There are different user roles and permissions and different dashboard views for each role. 

Owner : This is the sole proprietor, organisation, government agency or NGO that owns institutions. Iyogera is suitable for running multiple schools. The owner can add and remove schools, create and edit head admin accounts for each school, view accounts activity and manage payments.

On the dashboard, the view ports are;

  • Students : displays total number of students
  • Schools : displays total number of schools
  • Users : displays total number of users i.e teachers, students, parents and all other staff
  • Income Summary : displays income in a list from most recent of the current month.

The menu of the owner has the following items;

  • Dashboard : is the overview page for different view ports
  • Users : links to the /user page which is a view port for all user accounts across all schools owned. You can filter the view according to school and search for an entry.
  • Schools : links to the /schools page which has a view port for all schools owned. There is a button for adding a school. In this view you get to see how many students each school has, edit any school info.
  • Settings : is a drop down menu that has links to SMTP, System, Payment and SMS settings.

Dashboard Overview
At the top menu of left sidebar is Dashboard. There are several view port in dashboard. we can see the number of students, teachers and staff
etc. at a glance. Summary of the Income and Expenses is very important for ERP system. After login a user can see the update for that day.

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